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J-DATA currently offers two technologies: SNSF middleware for use in cell-phones; and a Security Solution for network computing. SNSF relies on the “Yomi-suji” number code system to access the cell-phone’s address book, E-mail addresses, browser bookmarks, and other cell-phone capabilities. The Security Solution has the power to become a new security standard. It works at the Transport Layer of the TCP-IP stack, encrypts data from end-to-end, and authenticates each data packet. All this; while being fast and easy to use.  

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T.N.G. Technologies

T.N.G. Technologies is a Technology Transfer and Market Entry Consultancy located in Japan that specializes in serving as a liaison between Japanese and foreign companies. The firm specializes in technologies for the next generation that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.



The patent of "Method of managing the history" was approved.

Our web site was renewed.

T.N.G.Technologies Co.,Ltd. conducted an MBO from J-DATA.