About J-DATA

Message from the CEO

Since its inception, J-DATA has strived to develop intuitive tools that make IT devices more simple and easy to use.

Our main product, Spelling Number Search Function (SNSF), has been adopted by Samsung Electronics and is used world-wide in their products. This middleware is an easy to use search function that allows the user to search the cell-phone’s address book, E-mail addresses, browser bookmarks, and other capabilities of the cell-phone from the cell-phones idle screen. We endeavor to spread the use of this technology to other makers around the world.

We are also fortunate to offer a Security Solution that has the power to become a new security standard. It works at the Transport Layer of the TCP-IP stack, works regardless of the platform, encrypts data from end-to-end, and authenticates each data packet. All this; while being fast and easy to use.

In the future we will continue to challenge ourselves to develop intuitive and simple solutions, so that information technology can be easily used by every user.